The Cleanplus (Pvt) Ltd. is an emerging innovative janitorial service provider established in 2006. Since the inception of the company, we have been able to win the hearts of our customers and build a network of respectable clients. Cleaning is a hectic task. Like the sea waves, cleaning never ends and that is why you require the assistance of an expert.We operate with the primary intention of providing a service which ensures the cleanliness of the client’s  official establishment or house assuring safety and zero damage to the equipment and the people. The assurance of removing every dot of dirt from the establishments of our clients is what makes our services be unique.

As a janitorial service provider The Cleanplus undertakes a continuous assessment for your place. That is how we differentiate from other janitorial service providers and we consider that cleaning is more than a job for us. Our janitorial team is comprised of skilled team members who are passionate about their responsibility and we are always concerned about their hygiene and health conditions. Our team is continuously trained to inspect the dirt and clean every nook and corner of the clients’ property.

With the utmost care we assure you an efficient and effective service in making your surrounding beautiful. The Cleanplus is always a step ahead in the industry. The unparalleled standards we maintain in our services while having a deeper understanding about the changing requirements of customers, make us closer to our clients.Cleanplus operates with two distinct divisions as hospitality and housekeeping. With the use of modern equipment, detergents, disinfectants, products, technology and techniques we assure you to provide an excellent tailor made cleaning service to your corporate organization or home. Along with the janitorial systems we provide you Tea Service, Landscaping and Garden maintenance as well. We will provide you a 24 hours service and we will surely satisfy you with our service. Let us handle the cleaning.


Our vision is to be the pioneer in Sri Lankan janitorial industry.


Our mission is providing an efficient and an effective cleaning service beyond customer expectations while facing the challenges we encounter positively and implementing a tailor made janitorial system.

Managing Director’s Message

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Welcome to the Cleanplus (Pvt) Ltd website. I hope that the links in the website will provide all the information you need regarding the company and its services.Cleanplus is specialized in providing a top class cleaning service for both commercial and residential clients. Our company has grown to an admired janitorial service day by day with number of highly satisfied customers all over the country. As we all know cleaning is a hectic task that never ends. Yet today cleaning has become more than just cleaning. Customers’ expectations are changing and demanding. That is why the Cleanplus is always ahead of the line by clearly understanding customers’ expectations and anticipating market’s needs to provide an overall solution with a wide range of janitorial services.

Undoubtedly our driving force is the passionate staff who believes that cleaning is more than a job. With the skilled workforce the Cleanplus has been able to redefine the word cleaning and support in providing a world class janitorial service to our valuable clients with the use of modern technology. The continuous training and development need to be held in order to provide the clients a superior service. We believe that our staff is our strength. We at all times assure that they maintain personal hygiene and grooming. Moreover, staff welfare and labour regulations are always given the priority.  The continuous assessment methodologies they have been undertaking have brought us closer to our customers and will do the same in the future. We are sharpening our strategies, tactics and methodologies to be one of the Sri Lanka’s most preferred and admired janitorial service provider. Added to that we never fail to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and have have completed a few CSR projects.  Our primer objective would be to create more value to customers, stakeholder and country at large. – Sumith Rukunayake

Why choose us

24 hour service

We have identified the emerging and changing needs of the customers because for Cleanplus, customers are the priority. We are ready to assign our staff to clean your place throughout the day according to your requirement.We are ready to provide the service according to the customer requirements.

Continuous Assessment

As we all know cleaning is a continuous process. Hence the initial cleaning is not adequate. That is why Cleanplus is provides a continuous assessment for your cleaning necessities making your place clean every day. We assure that you will receive a guaranteed consistent janitorial service the year long.

Skilled Labour

The staff we assign to clean your place are well trained for the task to keenly inspect all the dirt in all the nooks and corners and clean them. We recruit only the reliable employees and we take the responsibility of the safety of your property. Additionally, our staff undergoes the continuous inspection as well.

Healthier Environment

We do not only clean and our service does not end with sweeping. You should choose us as your janitorial service provider because we create a hygienic and a healthier environment for your working place or the domestic sphere. We use only the certified products in the process to create a germ free environment for you.

Tailored Services

The CleanPlus is proud to inform that our service is not the traditional and common place janitorial service provider. We analyse the requirements of the each customer and understand what sort of janitorial arrangement they need. Then we operate accordingly while providing a unique service to our valued customers.

Safety First

Our first most concern when cleaning your place is the safety of you, your employees, family, our labourers  and property. We use all the standardized procedures in order to confirm the safety. The assurance of using only the certified chemicals, equipment and machinery.

Equipment, Chemicals, Materials And Machinery

Cleanplus (Pvt) Ltd will supply all necessary equipment and materials which are needed to ensure a quality service performance. We make certain that the chemicals  we use in the cleaning process are all labelled, so that they become easily recognizable to the staff. Our service is reliable to our customers because all the chemicals we use contain the MSDS certificate and we maintain a material safety data sheet so that no misunderstanding takes place. Since we use colour codes in the equipment, it becomes easier for the staff to recognize and demarcate which equipment should be used in which task and this procedure also ensures the hygiene of the process.

Moreover we ensure that the machinery we use in the cleaning process are made according to the latest technology and have the intended high quality. All the machinery we use are allowed to be used after a process of security checking. Thus we guarantee the quality of the equipment, chemicals, materials and the machinery that we use in the cleaning process.